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"Blessed": If you say you've been blessed, you feel lucky to have something: health, love, fame, fortune, talent, etc. - Source

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Dear Destiny,

I planned to tell you that you are blessed this year . . .

Instead, I listed SOME of your attributes:
  • Your mouth speaks, and your actions exemplify, love towards others
  • Luis is loving & communicative towards you, and you offer the same, and more
  • Sebastian is "manifesting" into the seen quickly, and all signs exhibit a strong, healthy son
  • You and Luis have finally found a - no, "THE" - right home, at the right time
  • You have loving, healthy, family connections
  • You have enough friends to keep you connected to others
  • And, to round it out, you have a blossoming career, with more potential to come!
Destiny, I don't have to say you are blessed --- IT'S A FACT!!!

Happy 25th Birthday, my Beautiful Blessed Birthday Daughter! !! !!!!!!!

P.S. - I find myself so blessed to know . . . you!
  • March Thirty-First, of The Year of our Lord, 2019.